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My First Tattoo: A Semicolon

Today I got my first tattoo. Why did I select a semicolon for my first tattoo? They’ve always been my favorite punctuation, ever since an English teacher showed me how to use them properly. It felt like esoteric knowledge. It felt like being let into a secret club of writers and I’ve never really stopped writing. […]

Elsewhere: Conscious Relationships & OccuQueers

You can find my writing in a couple places today. Over on Firedoglake, I posted an update some about interesting developments in the TransPacific Partnership: While activists continue to work to obtain a list of those who have seen the complete text, Congressman Darrell Issa made the dramatic move to release the copyright and intellectual […]

An Opening Up Read-along: Is an Open Relationship for You?

This is part of a shared reading of Opening Up. Visit the series introduction to catch up on past installments. Comments are always welcome, whether you’re reading along with us or not. In this installment, we discuss CHAPTER 3, “Is an Open Relationship for You?” While books like Sex At Dawn make a compelling argument that humans did not evolve as monogamous creatures, […]

More Myths of Nonmonogamy

The topic for last week’s Opening Up Read-along was myths of nonmonogamy. Readers on a FetLife thread (free login required) shared more myths of polyamory and open relationships which I’d like to discuss. Poly people are trying to steal your girlfriend (or boyfriend). Drama sucks. Stealing someone in a monogamous relationship isn’t ethical behavior, and it is almost […]