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Review: Earthly Body Soy Massage Candles

I review sex toys via (among other sites), where you can find Earthly Body massage candles and other similar adult products. A fellow sex blogger recently gifted me with a bag of adult product samples in return for some WordPress advice. Happy to get something in return for a task I’d have done for free, it […]

5 Kinky Toys At the Hobby Store

This is the fourth in a series on budget sex toys, which began with a visit to the dollar store. We’ve also visited office and restaurant supply stores. The economy is foundering and over the holiday season you spent a month’s rent on that sex bench with built-in cuffs. But now that you have your […]

Approximately 8,000 Words: 2011 Year in Review

This was my blog’s most successful year in every possible respect. Let’s take a moment to review some of the highlights. I took most of those from my WordPress stats and annual report, generated automatically by Jetpack. In 2011, this blog had more visitors, more blog posts, more guest posts, more incoming links and web searches, […]

Top Sex Toys of 2011

2011 was my second year playing with and writing about sex toys. So far this year I wrote 49 sex toy reviews, exactly double the number I reviewed in 2010. In total, I played with more than 50 new toys. I’m grateful to all my wonderful helpers like Pet, Honey, and Squeak. They did it for […]