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Shaving with Occam’s Razor for Activists (Firedoglake)

A new and particularly infuriating conspiracy theory, the Sandy Hook Truthers, inspired a recent post on Firedoglake. I wasn’t going to open that can of worms on a major political blog because that’s like making eye contact with a rabid dog — once you attract their attention you’ll never get away. Debating directly with a […]

Goddamn Future Music

Originally published in b0tzine, issue one. I can pinpoint the exact moment responsible for my love of electronic music. It happened in the 80s, after my family got our first VCR. It felt like we were the latest adopters in the world — as if my friends had been watching videocassettes for my entire life while […]

Firedoglake: Mark Adams’ Hunger Strike

On Firedoglake today, I wrote an update on Occupy’s Political Prisoners: Mark Adams, sentenced to 45 days (of which he is expected to serve 28 at Rikers Island) for his involvement in the December 17 reoccupation attempt, has reportedly begun a hunger strike. Support Mark Adams quotes a statement by Adams: Yesterday, Trinity Wall Street “Church,” the […]

Firedoglake: Occupy’s Political Prisoners

Today on Firedoglake I wrote about the new political prisoners of the Occupy Movement: On December 17, Occupy Wall Street attempted a reoccuptation — not of Liberty Square, but of a new space. Climbing a fence on livestream, occupiers poured into a fenced-in space owned by Trinity Wall Street, a church-run business that is historically […]