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3 Lessons of Modern Activist Movements (On Firedoglake)

Social media tools are transforming activism, and ushering us into a new age of protest. Over the last year, I’ve watched, written about and participated in street level direct action. In a new post to Firedoglake I wrote about a three ways modern movements are spreading the civil disobedience meme: When I glanced at the #IdleNoMore […]

2 More Undercover Police Revealed (Firedoglake)

On Firedoglake, I wrote about the latest developments in the Gulf Port 7 trial, where occupiers from Austin, Dallas and Houston face felonies for using lockboxes at the Gulf Port Shutdown last December. Though the trial will continue in January, this also means the release of more documents and photos detailing the infiltration of Occupy […]

Overpass Light Brigade Update / Occupy Austin is Best of Austin

The Austin Overpass Light Brigade won a victory against Austin Police repression of its right to hold lighted signs over a highway last week, but they can expect to see the police again at their displays. I wrote about the uncertain legal status of the Overpass Light Brigade on Firedoglake today: Though we argued with the officer’s […]

Bleep Labs’ Noise Explorer 5000 (on Firedoglake)

Art Outside is inspiring in the way it mixes and melds music, making and seeing art, and other types of creative expression into a single unique experience. My latest contribution to Firedoglake’s Saturday Art series is a video tour of the Bleep Labs’ Noise Explorer 5000, guided by my longtime Burner friend Thomas Fang. The Noise Explorer […]