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Reread yourself

Posted in Other Writing, Reviews, and The SF Site

I’ve decided to start writing book reviews again. I’ve been working for the last couple days on a review of Tanith Lee’s Indigara with minimal success; my review skills felt very rusty. When I complained to Reesa, she responded without a moment’s hesitation, “have you reread your old reviews?”

I had not. I did, and within a couple hours had finished the first draft of my review. My usual procedure when I finish a review is to revise it a little, then wait a day before revising it again. I find I catch a lot after ‘sleeping on it.’ When I’m finished tomorrow, I’ll mail it in to Rodger at the SF Site. I really like writing for them for many reasons, and I’m looking forward to renewing our editorial relationship.

I’ll post again here when the review goes live.