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Another review, more to come

Posted in Other Writing, Reviews, and The SF Site

I finished another review tonight, of Richard Dansky‘s Firefly Rain. It still took me a while to write, but it came significantly easier than the last one. If I can stay in the habit of writing these regularly I’m sure they will come easier and easier with time.

We had Jennifer over tonight for a writing date, with some good discussion of writing, brainstorming, and a nice check-in about where we are writing-wise. Having Steve move in to the Slutbarn has created a lot of upheaval in the last few weeks; it’s been good change but change nonetheless, with a lot of energy expended on house and family. I’m pleased that my output did not drop off entirely, that I kept working even when very busy elsewhere; now I feel like I’m ready to get moving again. If I’m lucky I’ll do some more writing tonight, or at least a bit of catching up on Society of Voluptuaries critiques.

My review of Tanith Lee’s Indigara is slated for publication in an upcoming update to the the SF Site and I’ve requested several more books from their review copies. This is starting to become a bit of a habit, and I’m pleased with that.

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