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Out of business

Posted in Other Writing

My short story, “Becoming,” was about two months out at a fledging but high-paying horror market which has just informed the authors of all its pending submissions that it is going out of business. This is the first time that something like this has happened to me, but I realize it is something writers have to expect from time to time.

While this isn’t an actual rejection, so it can’t affect my ego, it is disappointing to wait so long (though not long at all compared to some publishers wait times) only to have the time be “wasted;” two months was the expected response time of the now deceased publication, so I was anticipating a response any day now. I’m also disappointed because the format — an advertising supported magazine distributed by email — was an interesting one. I definitely want to support the idea of making money through non-traditional venues, but perhaps the time isn’t ripe for this one.

I feel that “Becoming” is one of my best stories, so I am confident it will find a home eventually. I’ve already sent it on to a more established publisher.