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Artist Business Models 8: Dividing Donations

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Today in the Artist Business Model series on Words Words Words, we delve deeper into the topic of accepting donations and how you should divide up the money you receive. It’s a topic which seems simple on the surface but gets more complex the more contributors your project has. Read about Dividing Donations.

I spent most of today working at Poking You. It was busy enough to keep me from accomplishing much but it was good to help out and the customers were very friendly tonight. We’re negotiating a tricky issue or two in our project, and I’m happy to see that some of the initial difficult feelings seem to be shifting into a positive and mature discussion of the issue. I have a lot more to say, in fact, in our private forums, but I think I need to pass out. Reesa & Steve are sick, whereas I am fighting off the crud they brought back from their travels — so far, but only barely.