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Artist Business Models 9 & 10 / Sickness

Posted in Continuous Coast, and Words Words Words

Today we have two more entries in our artist business model series: Part 9 offers even more detail on dividing donations, including several methods for deciding which contributors to your collaborative project should share the loot. In Part 10, I discuss the concept of whuffie and ways to get your non-paying fans to grow your project. Read the series on Words Words Words.

It’s been a long, tiring day. I’m filling in at the shop still because we have a critical shortage of trained front workers at the moment, and I’m the best option to fill in. I enjoy helping Reesa out, and it is actually a pretty fun place to work but I have so much I need to do that hasn’t gotten done yet. Not only that, but the whole family, myself included, is fighting off some kind of convention/travel crud which Reesa & Steve brought back from their trip and kindly shared with me.

We have a new way of interacting with Continuous Coast which we want to make live in the next day or so — we’d hoped to launch today but I haven’t even begun to implement it because of working at the shop. In any case, I’ll make progress tonight and you should look for clues to pop up soon.

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