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Brief Notes

Posted in Life, and Other Writing

I’m feeling a lot of push from my muse to write, which is good overall (except when I get cranky with a friend or loved one who ‘interrupts’ her). I’ve got a couple reviews in the works, various ideas kicking around in my head, a coauthor eager to continue work on Honeycutt Tales and the germ of a brand new collaborative project which I won’t be able to tell you about for a long time. Believe me though, it’s a thrilling one and the possibilities have lit a fire under my creative spirit.

I’ve got an upper respiratory infection and probably have had one for a while. I only just yesterday got on Houston’s gold card, so today I was able to see a doctor and get some much needed prescriptions. Not only that but I am back in treatment for fibromyalgia and finally have a prescription for muscle relaxers again. If you live in Houston and don’t have insurance, you should really have a gold card (even if you make more money than I do).

The new edition of M. Christian‘s The Bachelor Machine should go on sale soon from Circlet Press, featuring a new introduction by yours truly. In addition to excitement over seeing my words in print alongside this favorite author of mine, I’m also especially pleased that the new edition features a dialogue between Chris and Cecilia Tan. It was a freebie given to reviewers of the old edition and I once lamented that most readers would be unable to enjoy it; now it’s in its own appendix. I will be sure to post here when the book is available.

The second Houston Art Nerds salon is tomorrow. Our theme this time is ‘Storytelling,’ but as always we welcome artists in all media. If you’d like more information, visit the Facebook group or contact me directly.

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