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Review: Harmony Wireless Wonder vibe

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Harmony Wireless wonder vibe
The Harmony Wireless Wonder

I am now reviewing sex toys for You can find the Harmony Wireless Wonder and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: Although I don’t receive any money for these reviews (unless you purchase something via an affiliate link to the vendor), I am receiving free toys.

You can imagine how eagerly I’ve been waiting for my first shipment of sex toys to review. It was wonderful timing that the same week my toys arrived I had a perfect opportunity to try one out — in just a few days I was due to attend a social occasion with my ‘pet.’ It seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to experiment with wireless toys.

The Harmony Wireless Wonder from Doc Johnson is a wireless vibrator, meaning that it can be controlled from a distance with a remote control. It comes in two versions, yin and yang, which are identical except for the color (I got yang, the white vibe pictured above). The vibrator itself is insertable, but safe only for vaginal use. It is waterproof, but the accompanying controller is not. Since the vibrator is  made from hard plastic you can clean it in soap and water. According to the packaging, this vibrator is free of phthalates. Like most Doc Johnson sex toys, it is labelled ‘for novelty use only’ though this does not mean it is necessarily ‘unsafe.’

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Harmony was that it had no instructions whatsoever to assist in its setup or use. The next thing I noticed was that it has strange batteries; I’d been a little worried that the toy would use button batteries, which run out quickly and are expensive to replace. Instead, the vibe itself uses three ‘N’ batteries and one ‘12v‘ battery, which are included. These look like stubby AAs. While they are more powerful and long-lasting than buttons, you’ll still need to go out of your way to replace them, probably with a visit to your local or online sex toy vendor.

The remote control takes the single 12v battery, and it’s a slightly different size from the N batteries, preventing too much confusion. The top of the vibrator screws down over a rubber ring, meaning you’ll want to keep it screwed on as tight as possible to maintain the vibrator’s ‘waterproof’ nature. I had a little trouble figuring out how to put the batteries in until I noticed the diagrams, which are around the shaft of the vibe under the cap rather than on the top where I expected.

Because it runs on three batteries, the Harmony Wireless Wonder is fairly powerful. It’s about as powerful as your typical egg vibrator with an attached powerpack. The vibrations are evenly distributed throughout the shaft of the device and it’s quiet; while you can hear some quiet sounds when the vibrator is being held or used externally, once inserted and under clothing it was totally silent.

The biggest drawback of this vibrator is its controls. While the remote control is small enough to conceal easily in a pocket or the palm of your hand, that’s pretty much where its advantages end. The small LED light on the remote lights up when you press a button but it gives no indication of whether the toy is currently active. If you sit on the remote control by accident, like in that memorable scene from the movie Shortbus, you’d be clueless about whether or not you had turned it on until you found your squirming partner. The remote also gives no indication of which of the 7 modes is active, and each time you turn off the remote you have to cycle through all the modes again to get back to the one you were last on.

At one point during the evening the toy stopped working entirely, however I suspect interference from an outside source — as soon as we moved to a new area it began working again.

I can’t give any comparisons between this vibrator and other wireless toys as it is the first and only one I’ve experienced. It’s not as strong as a electric vibrator of course, and it won’t provide any direct clitoral stimulation unless you hold it in your hand. I think most women would find it to be a delightful tease rather than deeply orgasmic.

For us, playing with the wireless wonder turned the whole party into an act of foreplay interspersed with multiple furtive yet noisy visits to a nearby private location. The toy was dripping wet each time we took it out, so we can attest that it is waterproof, or at least pet proof. There was an instant reaction any time I turned the toy on, and it seemed to work at a short distance though we didn’t test its limits much. It was wonderful sharing a naughty secret all night. The first mode was hard for her to feel when she was very worked up, as the most gentle vibrations would be lost in her natural internal movements. The third mode, which is the toy’s maximum steady vibration, was definitely noticeable and the fifth mode, a series of steady hard pulses, made it hard for her to stand up when combined with any other kind of stimulation. She told me the next day that she really enjoyed how she had to work against the weight of the toy to keep it inside; my pet was wearing a dress and panties, but a pair of tight jeans would probably make things easier. Being teased for hours had a definite effect: late that night my pet ejaculated twice when I fingered her, harder than she ever has with me before — but of course there’s no way to guarantee the toy has a similar effect on you or your lover.

If any of this sounds good to you, I recommend you try the Wireless Wonder or a similar vibrating toy. Its drawbacks were slight compared to the fun we had with it, and the fun we hope to have in the future.

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