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Review: Pink Plushy Handcuffs

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Pink Plushy Handcuffs from the Adult Toy Shoppe

I am now reviewing sex toys for The Adult Toy Shoppe. You can find the Pink Plushy Handcuffs and other bondage toys on their site. Disclaimer: Although I don’t receive any money for these reviews, I am receiving free toys.

Bondage cuffs are amongst the most basic of kinky sex toys, yet they come in all manner of variations from pretend police handcuffs covered in leopard-print faux fur to the fanciest custom leather. They can be used like silk scarves in the lightest of bondage play, or they can be what holds your submissive to the St. Andrew’s Cross during a lengthy flogging.

I’ve had my own pair that I have used off and on for some time — a simple set in black leather which work wonderfully for most of my uses. They are lockable and remain comfortable even when the sub puts some of her weight in them. The only problem with them is they were bought for a lover with very small wrists, and as a result they only fit on some of the people I might like to use them with.

I was hoping these cuffs, the Pink Plush Wrist Cuffs from Topco’s grrltoyz, would offer me a little more range, as well as being fairly stylish. Pink is a funny color — my lovers seem to love it or hate it, with the haters seeming to be mostly women who were force fed too much of it as children. Since I don’t seem to have any haters in my life currently — and my pet adores the color — I thought this would be a good addition to my collection.

Unfortunately they aren’t quite versatile enough to meet all my needs. Though the fake fur was very comfortable to the submissives I have tried them on, the pleather coating seems to breathe a little less than actual leather making them a bit hotter for long-term wear. They do accommodate larger wrists, but not in the way I anticipated — the cuff itself is actually smaller than the ones I already owned, but the belt and buckle are very long and will fit wrists the cuff itself does not fully encompass. However this added range comes at the expense of security. It was comfortable enough on everyone who wore it, but I suspect many wearers could slip out of them if they tried and it wasn’t as comfortable if any pressure was placed on the parts of the wrist that weren’t covered. And though you can lock the two d-rings together with a padlock, there’s no way to lock the cuffs themselves.

None of this really means that this is a bad toy. The cuffs come with a chain for linking them together which is simple fun, great for yanking your playthings around, and it stands up well to this sort of moderately rough use. The fur lining keeps the ends of the cuffs from pinching even when they don’t meet all the way. The pleather is soft but solidly stitched, the D-rings securely attached, and the faux fur lining comfortable to the wrists.

Most of all, it’s important not to underestimate the potent symbolic power of this kind of bondage. I’ve known submissives who could doze peacefully to sleep with their wrists bound thanks to the feelings of security it brought.  When I recently put these cuffs on a friend who’s only just getting back into kink, she positively melted the moment she felt the pressure on her wrists, and asked me to put them back on her later that night for a repeat performance. Though they probably won’t appeal to advanced kinksters, the grrltoyz Pink Plush Wrist Cuffs are a good set of cuffs for basic play.

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