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Good things

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M. Christian's Very Bloody Marys

There are things I can complain about, but I won’t do that here — I have plenty to be amused by. Life has brought such delights as watching spankings performed with giant clown shoes, a long visit from my “pet,” eating tasty little Mexican chocolate bars, and discovering the varied pleasures of San Marcos, a sweet little college town. The mail has brought good things too: a box full of sex toys to review for and some books from my friend M. Christian. He sent along The Circus of Dr. Lao, which is research for a secret project, and a copy of one of his own books, The Very Bloody Marys (one of the few by him I haven’t read yet). Speaking of M. Christian, if you remember my announcement about the The Bachelor Machinethe new edition (featuring my introduction) is now available on Kindle.

I haven’t been making very much progress on my own writing, but I have a couple ideas I am working on. I woke up the other day with an interesting idea, and some brainstorming with new writer friend Autumn Christian — no relation, but I am also looking forward to reading more of the unpublished novel she emailed me — helped me figure out the gender of my protagonist, which turns out to be especially important in this case. I also got some good news about one of my stories; it isn’t the kind of thing I am comfortable announcing here, but it’s a positive ego boost that will hopefully encourage me to make more words.

Last night I watched Paprika, which is one of the films by recently deceased Japanese auteur Satoshi Kon. I always feel a little weird when I do that thing where you only investigate an artist’s work because you hear they’ve died, but here I am anyway. I’m glad though because I was blown away. I don’t agree with any of the nerdy speculation that’s popped up around the Internet that Christopher Nolan ripped off this movie for Inception — there is simply too much shared mythology around dreams to make any meaningful statements about that, but I do feel like maybe they are cousins — with Paprika being the cousin who got really into the good drugs.

In closing, clown shoe spankings are fucking hilarious.

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