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A Burner Lexicon: Reality Camp

Posted in A Burner Lexicon, and Burning Man

A typical shade structure found in Reality Camp. Image by Jeffrey Pott.

Reality Camp, –noun, All Burn events come to an end. You’ve just spent days partying, connecting, loving and exploring in what is essentially a psychedelic state. Then there’s the come-down. You have to return to Reality Camp, also known as the Default World where they make you use this stuff called money, the bathrooms are not unisex, you can’t take off your clothes whenever you want, and no one wants to trade drugs for blinky lights. The period of time after you return to the default world is known as re-entry. See Also: decompression.

Re-entry is a difficult period, especially for newbie Burners who must now return to jobs, relationships, and everyday lives that may seem far less satisfying after their experiences on the playa. It’s my opinion that it’s our task as Burners to make our lives — and reality camp itself — more like the Burn.

Thanks to Gyesika for suggesting this entry!

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