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Upcoming publication and other notes…

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A firespinner performs at the Tiki House Party during an Interstellar Transmissions concert.

I’m pleased to announce that my essay “Goddamn Future Music” is slated to appear in the first issue of b0t zine. B0t zine is a new Internet-based fanzine which will be released under a creative commons license. It will be published in special formats, tailored for reading on devices such as tablet computers or the Kindle. I’m very excited about this promising new publication. They do not have much Internet presence yet, but I bet you will enjoy reading b0t zine’s twitter.

Last weekend I had a wonderful visit from my pet.  We had an amazing photoshoot with our friend Fyrehart (a former Houston Art Nerd now living in Austin), who took dozens of beautiful pictures of the two of us. We also attended the Tiki House Party which was crowded but super pleasant. There was some excellent bass-heavy music to dance to, though the inside of the house was often too hot to stay inside for long. And Interstellar Transmissions played while people spun fire which is always a happy thing. Pet enjoyed it even more than me, as she was trying out the Club Vibe during the party; more on that in an upcoming review.

A lot of my favorite shows are back on TV, which means Bittorrent is often kept busy downloading the latest episodes of Mad Men, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Rubicon, and most recently Dexter. It’s a great time to be a fan of the serial narrative. I can remember a time when it was cool to dislike television entirely — to sneer at those that had a favorite show. But that was before we entered the present golden age of television storytelling which is happening weirdly simultaneous to television’s dive into the depths of sleaze with reality shows about pet hoarders and junkies. I still can’t stand commercials though — I’ll watch a rare season premiere on the actual TVs my house has, but I’m much happier watching things on my own schedule anyway (which means I am actually time-shifting, thanks Supreme Court).

Other than a brief excursion on Tuesday for what might have been a date, my fibromyalgia has kept me holed up in my apartment in a haze of mental fog and pain that’s prevented me from getting much writing or work done. I’m looking forward to this weekend though, which brings not only a visit from a sweet girl from Denton and a much-anticipated kink party, but also the first meeting of the Austin Art Nerds. Much like the Houston chapter I helped start this year, we hope to meet about once a month to make art together. Artists, writers, and creative people in any medium are welcome. Our first meeting is going to be this Sunday at 5pm, and you can check out the Facebook Event or the Facebook Group for more information.