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Review: Le Rêve Bullet

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Le Rêve Bullet from Pipedreams

I review sex toys for You can find the Le Rêve Bullet and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: Although I don’t receive any money for these reviews (unless you purchase something via an affiliate link), I am receiving free toys.

While it turned out I had a deliciously debaucherous time with this toy, I will start right out by saying that the Le Rêve Bullet has inherent limitations — just like any toy of this kind. Simply put, any toy like this one which runs off of those tiny silver “button” batteries has limited application in my opinion. Bullet batteries can be expensive unless bought in bulk, and they run out more quickly than the batteries in vibrators powered by AA or AAA-batteries.

On the other hand, a little toy like this has many uses despite it’s drawbacks and this bullet is one of the best examples of the type I have played with. It comes in a small box with the three button batteries it needs to operate, and these are easily installed. The bullet is made of non-porous, hygenic plastic and is waterproof just like the other Le Rêve toy I reviewed.

Because it’s small and relatively inexpensive, a toy like this can be treated as a disposable plaything that you gift to your lover (or lovers!) after a night of fun. You can keep it in a bag without taking up much space, right alongside your condoms and other safer sex supplies, until the time when you need it. When I got sent this toy, I tossed it in my backpack and forgot about it, figuring the ‘right’ moment to put it into action would appear.

That moment came on Friday night. After a burlesque show in downtown Austin, two friends picked me and my bicycle up for a birthday party. The party was for one of them, a dear friend with whom I have been lovers in the past. The other, another woman, was hosting at her home and was someone I have known a long time but never before become intimate with. It turned out that the party was just the three of us, but we made up for the lack of attendance with how much fun we had with each other.

The house was beautiful and after sharing some libations, some decadent birthday cake, and some pictures from a photoshoot the birthday girl recently did, we all stripped down and hopped into the hot tub on the big back deck. A three-way foot massage circle quickly shifted focus to getting off, with me and the hostess concentrating on the birthday girl. After an orgasm or two had been achieved with hands and jets, I suddenly remembered this toy and announced I had something that would make the hot tub ‘even more fun.’

I dried my hands inside the house so that I wouldn’t get water inside the toy. Even though it is waterproof, you want to make sure that you don’t allow any moisture to enter the inside for any reason. The toy is easy to control safely though — unlike some waterproof toys, you twist the cap to access the battery container, but control the vibrator itself with a button on the end. Pressing the button cycles through each of three speeds then shuts off the toy; it should be hard to accidentally open the toy underwater but I did accidentally shut the bullet off a few times during play by gripping it wrong.

My unveiling of the toy was met with glee. The hostess snatched it out of my hands and set to work on our friend while I teased her from behind. We asked our friend for feedback on the toy — after all, I had to write this review later. It was only on the lowest speed, but she’s a big fan of vibration. Combined with the very well directed hot tub jets she said it made her come in waves, and then we turned up the speed! A little later we took turns using it on the hostess. The toy was a bit slippery in the water, which meant I had a little trouble directing the vibrations until I realized I could use her hood piercing as a target no matter how much she bucked. Being very targeted also means the vibrations are extra effective when aimed properly and seem to wear out the hand of the user less quickly.

After we’d tired out the birthday girl and put her to bed, I got to have the hostess all to myself. I’d noticed some submissive tendencies, so I had great fun taking advantage of them. She loved it when I used the vibrator on her while I spanked her, and it was small enough that I could hold it in one hand while fingering her and using my other hand to pin her down or tease her breasts. Equally enjoyable was alternating between using the vibrator and spanking her vulva. Each time I did she was more excited when the vibrator returned. Combined with manual g-spot stimulation and everything else I was doing to her, the toy was enough to make her squirt.

About the only thing we didn’t try with this microbullet was to use it with penetrative sex. From past experience though I know this toy might be a good choice. In addition to the obvious use on the clitoris during vaginal sex, you can also create interesting sensations by inserting it into the vagina during anal sex. Since it’s not flared and very small, it’s not safe for direct anal play, however.

The hostess and I did try some other fun things together but this is a review of a vibrator and not my sex life, right? I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Button batteries don’t last a very long time, as I said above. By the time we went to bed, the toy was already showing a slight but noticeable decrease in power. Even so, my new lover was ecstatic when I gifted it to her; her previous waterproof toy had just broken.

There are all kinds of fancy vibrators on the market today, but it’s important not to overlook these simpler toys. While I’d never recommend this toy for someone’s main, or only toy, it was a perfect and inexpensive way to add some spice to an already spicy evening. They might not be the ‘main event’ in anyone’s collection, but “wireless” bullet vibes make a great sexual accessory. If you want to try this kind of toy, then Le Reve’s Bullet makes an excellent choice.

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