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A Burner Lexicon: Social Panties

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A pair of social panties in the wild. Photo by Stripped Exposed.

Social Panties, –noun, Burning Man is clothing optional, but more than allowing for just simple nudity it creates an environment full of alternatives to what passes for fashion in reality camp.

Want to wear something skimpy yet chic? Try a pair of social panties. They are usually brightly colored, ruffled, or sequined. If you can imagine a burlesque dancer wearing them before they strip down to the even racier thong or g-string underneath, then you have social panties.

See also: shirt-cocking.

As with so many other genderqueer aspects of Burner culture, the wearing of social panties is not limited to women. A lover and I spent a good deal of time admiring a skinny boy in a pair of rainbow ruffled panties at a recent Burner house party.

I first heard this word from my friend Kristen at Burning Flipside circa 2006.

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