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A Burner Lexicon: Hat, The

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The Hat as photographed by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid. Burning Man Decompression, San Francisco, 2008.

Hat, The, –proper noun, Many people at Burns wear hats. This is both fashionable and practical given the conditions under which most of these events occur. However, only one man is The Hat: Larry Harvey. A part of the event since its original incarnations at Baker Beach, Harvey is never seen without his “signature Stetson;” it is even referred to in the official event bio of Harvey. The name took hold as a reaction to its ubiquity in the media (and some say its questionable taste).

Though other people and organizations had a hand in the for mation of the event, and it’s survivable depends on all the volunteers and the BMORG, no single person is as clearly linked with Burning Man as Larry Harvey.

In fairness, “questonable taste” sums up most of Burner fashion.

Burners love to make fun of any perceived idolatry directed at Harvey. At my first Burning Man, there was a mutant vehicle which satirically claimed to be the “Larry Harvey Official Transport,” complete with hat-wearing life-sized statue on top. In a sense, anyone who rode in it was king for a day.

Thanks to moonrise for suggesting this entry.

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