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Review: Heart Double Slapper

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Double Slapper from Topco

I review sex toys for You can find the TopCo Heart Slapper and other kink toys on their site. Disclaimer: I am not paid for these reviews (unless you order products via one of my affiliate links), but I do receive free toys.

The TopCo Heart Slapper is a sturdy, fun spanking and basic impact play toy. I managed to win a gift certificate from on twitter separate from my usual sex toy reviewing that I do for them, and I was attracted to this toy as it is (sadly) one of their few kink toys and is also (as of this writing) on sale. With $25 imaginary dollars burning a hole in my pocket I took a chance and I’m glad I did.

Though like many sex toys this slapper is labelled “for novelty use only,” everything about this toy suggests it can be used for many spanking sessions. This toy is short, easy to hold, and could easily be used by newcomers to this kind of play. However, it could also make a valuable light-to-moderately intense addition to a more experienced player’s toybag. The playfulness of the heart cut-out is balanced by the “serious bizness” of the studs. The handle is easy to hold and I always like a toy that comes with a way to hang it on my toy wall.

This won’t be a ‘heavy-hitter’ in anyone’s repertoire, but I like to use a variety of toys throughout a scene. I tried it out first on my pet and then later on a newer, local play partner. Both are experienced recipients of impact play and yet they seemed to have great fun when I hit them with this slapper. It makes a nice, satisfying noise and you can even leave at least short-lived red-marks with heart shaped centers if you try. Since the studs extend from the handle onto the point of impact itself, you can also use them to add a little more bite. Though I don’t enjoy being spanked, both my play partners and myself found the thuddy sensations of being struck in the back with this toy very pleasant.

For both its inexpensive price and playful appearance, I love the TopCo Heart Slapper.

At the same time as I received this toy, I also got the Ophoria V-Ring No. 5, which I hope to review in the near future in a side-by-side comparison with the much fancier JimmyJane Iconic Ring.