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Review: Ophoria’s Bliss #12

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Bliss #12 from Ophoria

Note: This toy seems to be unavailable.

I review sex toys for You can find the Ophoria Bliss no. 12 and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: I am not paid for these reviews (unless you order products via one of my affiliate links), but I do receive free toys.

Ophoria’s Bliss #12 is a deceptively simple vibrator. It’s not very different at first glance from the basic shaft style vibator that is the first sex toy for so many and it would probably make a similarly non-threatening choice for beginners. However it’s also a surprisingly strong toy for its style combined with very quiet performance.

This is a real sex toy, unlike many toys of more dubious manufacture that are sold for novelty use only. According to the packaging, it is made from high-quality silicone and is free of dangerous phthalates. The material is soft to the touch, but the shaft is firm and the ridges on either side offer an interesting texture.

I offered this toy to my new local play partner (who I’ll henceforth refer to as “Squeak”) after a long enjoyable play session. She seemed pleased with its size, texture and weight. We used some water-based lube (which is most compatible with silicone toys) to get the Bliss slippery, then I handed it over for her to try out first. Even though we’d already warmed up using my Wahl, she really got a lot of pleasure out of it. She was surprised at its strength. We both loved the ridges; when I took over from her I enjoyed how they felt as I thrust the toy, but not as much as she did. Of course, I also loved pinning her down and thrusting away with this toy as she squirmed playfully and made delighted noises.

This vibrator is controlled by a single power button on the end. Each press of the button cycles through one of 5 modes, which include both steady high-intensity vibrations and some patterns. To turn the toy off, you simply hold the button for two seconds. Unfortunately, this button is the single major drawback of this toy — it’s almost impossible to use it once things get slippery without hitting the button. It happened when Squeak was using the toy, and then it happened so much when I was “driving” that she thought I was doing it on purpose. It never got accidentally shut off, but it seems like switching modes is inevitable.

The vibrator’s packaging is also a little disingenuous, as the box says it is “splashproof” with a picture of a bathtub. However, there is no protective o-ring between the battery cover and the shaft as one usually sees on waterproof vibes, and the seal does not look especially secure. I contacted Garnet Joyce, Social Media Strategist at, and she agreed with me: “Splashproof implies that you can probably wash the toy and get water on or near the battery compartment without it breaking.” Since silicone is easy to clean this is good, just be aware you need to look elsewhere for a truly waterproof sex toy.

One of the perks of sex toy reviewing is having an occasional toy to gift to a lover, and I let my lover take the toy home with her. She reported using it again later to great success, especially when combined with a favorite electric vibrator for clitoral stimulation. She said the combination was “intense but effective.”

I’m always a fan of silicone and the Ophoria Bliss No. 12 did not disappoint. Though the ease with which the function button is pressed accidentally may be a deal breaker for some, I still think this might be a great purchase or gift — especially for someone looking for a step up from the typical basic shaft vibrator.

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