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Recent Site Changes

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I’ve made a few minor changes to the website in the last 24 hours. Hopefully these changes will make my site more navigable and user-friendly.

  • I installed the Commentluv plugin. Now when you comment on this site, it will try to link to your most recent blog post. I’ve seen this plugin working on other websites and I think it’s a nice way to reward people for commenting.
  • I installed Social Slider to provide easily accessible links to various places where you can find me on the Internet. You’ll notice new icons along the top left side of the page.
  • Microkid’s Related Posts plugin allows me to add a list of suggested blog entries to any post or page. See examples on any Lexicon entry.
  • Check out the Media Gallery for a new way to browse my site. Uses this plugin.
  • Finally, it’s been all over Twitter about the impending shutdown of, the social networking service. I used the site to store and share over 3,500 bookmarks including lots of research for present or future writing projects. Happily, my friend ‘Mr. Bill’ gifted me with an account on I’ll be storing all my bookmarks on this page, and you can see a feed of my recent pinboard bookmarks on the bottom of the homepage.

Please let me know via comments or email if something seems strange, broken, or annoying on my website.

Update: There’s reason to believe that Delicious may not die entirely, but pinboard’s interface is overall better and Yahoo is acting leotarded about this, anyway.

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