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Sixteen+ Great Fictional Characters

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The crew of Serenity as customized Lego 'minifigs,' created by Andrew Becraft.

I don’t like blog memes usually but Kiki Christie challenged me to this and how can I say no to her? The challenge is to list sixteen fictional characters who have influenced you. This is in no particular order.

  1. Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus from HBO’s Rome. For lots of reasons including the discussion about what stars are.
  2. Shevek from Ursula Le Guin’s Dispossessed. It always made me sad that he doesn’t get to bring the sheep postcard home to his kid. :(
  3. Auberon Barnable, son of Daily Alice and Smoky Barnable from John Crowley’s sprawling fantasy novel Little, Big. The Country Mouse who becomes a City Mouse* then discovers he’s really king of the faeries. I love this book so much.
  4. McNulty from HBO’s The Wire for giving a fuck when it ain’t his turn.
  5. Mitchell from BBC’s Being Human. I’ll be in my bunk.
  6. Wash from Firefly, my fallen brother in Hawaiian shirts.
  7. The title character from Maureen McHugh’s China Mountain Zhang.
  8. Cheryl/Carol from FX’s Archer for being the dirtiest girl on television. She didn’t say to start slacking off. (Honorable mention to pervy mad scientist Krieger).
  9. Shalmanezer, the super computer from John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar for having such an imagination.
  10. Zo Boone from Kim Stanley Robinson’s Blue Mars for living and dying a hedonist.
  11. Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
  12. Steven Brust’s Morrolan from the Jhereg novels (and so on) for being such an elegant and flamboyant bastard.
  13. Jeff Spender, mad archaeologist from the fourth expedition to Mars in Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles.
  14. The title character of Emma Bull’s Finder.
  15. Delirium, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, a member of the Endless and a powerful argument for moderation.
  16. Those naughty cousins from “Sub-Umbra,” serialized in the Victorian underground erotic magazine The Pearl for being a very bad influence indeed.
  17. Bonus characters: Brian Roberts and the “Master of Ceremonies” from Cabaret, two of the first queer characters I can remember identifyng with.**

*yes, I realize Auberon is not actually a member of the Mouse family.

**EVERYTHING about that movie is pretty damn queer

This took longer than the 16 minutes alloted in the original challenge, but I name-checked at least 20 characters here. Who’s on your list?

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