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Review: Mypleasure’s Pink Tongue

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Pink Tongue Dual-Action vibrator from

I review sex toys for You can find the Pink Tongue and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: I am not paid for these reviews (unless you order products via one of my affiliate links), but I do receive free toys.

My pet has been asking me for a dual-action vibrator to replace her favorite rabbit, which broke long ago. I talked to Garnet Joyce, buyer for and she suggested the Pink Tongue. This toy is a exclusive, and ships wrapped like all their toys in plastic wrapping with a pretty ribbon — which meant I didn’t even need to wrap it to present it as a gift. However, mine did not include any instructions which might be a problem for some beginners.

The Pink Tongue is phthalate free, and although it is made from jelly rubber it does not have a very strong smell like some jelly toys (though it does have a small amount of odor that should dissipate quickly). It takes 3 AAA batteries, which slide into the battery compartment. The toy is designed to be waterproof and has an o-ring to prevent water from reaching the batteries. Since the jelly rubber cannot be completely sterilized, this is not a toy you should share.

The toy is an attractive pink color that my pet enjoys. Both the shaft and the clitoral stimulator are designed to look like tongues — there are even little bumps like taste buds on the shaft, though they are too small to be anything but purely cosmetic. Inside the shaft are a number of metal beads which rotate and provide added stimulation. At the base of the vibe are the controls — two controls to adjust the speed of rotation and another the vibrations (both have 3 speeds). One other button reverses the direction of the rotating shaft. Little red lights indicate the speed selected for each function.

Here is a glimpse of the way the shaft moves — it kind of undulates as the beads rotate:

During testing we found we definitely wanted some lube to help with insertion of the toy, but it doesn’t take a lot to get the surface slippery. This did have the side effect of making the buttons harder to push. Pet seemed to find it a little awkward to adjust the settings during play, but this might get easier with time. She preferred to leave the rotation function off at first, then turn it on once she was warmed up. Starting out with it on was a little too intense, but later she liked it a lot.

A close-up of the clitoral stimulator on the Pink Tongue vibe.

The clitoral stimulator on this vibrator was definitely pleasurable for my pet, bringing her to a strong and loud orgasm as I teased her breasts. However, she had to bend the flexible ‘tongue’ back to get maximum stimulation, because (as you can see in the close-up photo to the left), the actual vibrator is at the base of the small tongue, not in the tip. Pet also said that she prefers the traditional ‘rabbit’ shape of the classic dual-action vibrator, because of how the rabbit ears can stimulate either side of her clit.

Another potential issue some people might have with this toy is that it is noisy. The clitoral stimulator is not particularly loud, but the rotating beads are not subtle. Compared to some other toys I have tested, it would be much harder to hide what you are doing — you might even need music on if you are very shy and your bedroom has thin walls.

I think that my pet is going to enjoy owning the Pink Tongue, but we may replace it in the future with a more traditional rabbit-style dual action vibe. This is not a bad toy, but your enjoyment of it probably depends on whether you like the shape of the clitoral stimulator or not. lets buyers return their toys for exchange with another toy or store credit for 90 days after purchase, so if this toy looks appealing why not give it a try?

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