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On 2010

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Goodbye, 2010! It was excellent to see you off last night with so many freaks and local Burners I have never met before. There are some great people with Sparkadelica, and I shall have to party with them again.

I’m a little surprised at what a high percentage of my friends seem positively eager to see this year go. I certainly had some ups and downs during the past 365 days, but in the end I feel like this year was a good one.

In 2010, I:

  • Came back to Austin from Houston and reestablished my home here.
  • formed new relationships with lovers and family of choice I look forward to continuing into 2011.
  • sold my short story, “Lifting the Veil” to Freaky Fountain Press
  • celebrated my 10th Burning Flipside, one of my best ever since I started attending.
  • Got paid for my writing in free sex toys and, occasionally, money.

And lots of other, smaller good things.

My biggest goal for 2011 is to become more financially stable. I hope this blog will continue to be a small but growing part of that and that you will continue to enjoy reading what I write, and sharing it with your friends.

In closing, here’s my favorite ever music video as I realized I’ve never linked it here. It’s not new but it’s still the one I love the most — Boards of Canada’s Dayvan Cowboy.

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