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A Burner Lexicon: FreezerBurn

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The effigy burns at FreezerBurn, the Alberta Regional Burn in 2010. Photo by Amanda Sneddon Photography.

FreezerBurn, –noun, Burning Man is held late in the summer; Burning Flipside happens earlier over Memorial Day weekend. Though there are sometimes fall gatherings, there’s a long time over the winter where Burners are stranded in reality camp. That’s where FreezerBurn comes in, held in Central Texas in January during Martin Luther King Day weekend..

Held since 2009, it occurs during some of the coldest weather at any time in Texas. Burners at the event form a lot of cuddle puddles to stay warm, but there is a limited amount of heated space.

FreezerBurn is also the regional burn held in the Alberta region of Canada. In keeping with the core Burner principle of Leave No Trace, the owner of the private campground where it is held once called it “the cleanest event he ever hosted.”

FreezerBurn should not be confused with Freezing Man, a Burn event held at McMurdo station in Antarctica.

Sadly, the lexicographer is far too much of a wimp in cold weather to attend FreezerBurn. The next Texas FreezerBurn is being held this weekend — January 14-16, 2011. More information on the Canadian event can be found on the Alberta Regional Burn homepage.

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