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Review: MyPleasure’s Pocket Rocket

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I review sex toys for You can find their Waterproof Pocket Rocket and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: Though I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase a toy via one of my affiliate links), I do receive free toys in return for my honest opinion.'s Waterproof Pocket Rocket

It’s probably no surprise to anyone who has been reading my blog that I am a big fan of sex toys. They’ve brought me and my lovers a lot of pleasure over the years — I’ve even had partners who chose me to take to their bed in large part because I wasn’t intimidated by their love of toys like so many other men they’d met.

I’d like everyone to know how great sex toys can be, which is why I felt a little guilty when I gave a lover of mine this terrible toy and then discovered it was essentially the first vibrator she’d ever played with. It was such a bad toy that soon after I gifted it to her I actually told her to throw it away, because she told me it was filling up with some kind of gunk. Happily, she came to visit me again recently and I was able to make up for it with this toy.

The design of the Pocket Rocket is a genuine classic. It’s well-loved for its compact size, ease of portability and the surprising amount of power it has for a simple vibrator operated by a single AA-battery. It’s such a popular toy that, like the vibrating cock ring, JimmyJane made an Iconic Rocket for their Usual Suspects line. even gave away 1,000 of these toys for free Sex Toy Day, but that doesn’t change that this little toy is worth every penny should you choose to buy one for yourself.

The MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket is a simple, short red shaft with the MyPleasure logo on the side and those three little metal nubs on the business end that make the Rocket so popular. This toy is designed for clitoral stimulation and probably would not be very enjoyable as an insertable or for most other purposes. The base of the toy is twistable — twist it all the way to the right and it turns on. In the middle is the ‘off’ position, and turning it further to the left opens up the battery compartment. This toy is moderately noisy — you probably couldn’t hide it from someone in the room with you, but a blanket, music, or a closed door would help muffle the sound.

Although this toy is advertised as waterproof and has an o-ring around the battery end to keep it more secure, it would be very easy to open it underwater accidentally. I would probably only recommend it for brief shower play sessions and otherwise stick to dry land. It’s also worth noting that though my Pet owns this toy and initially loved its power and how quiet it is, she had to stop using it because of the irritation the nubs caused due to her nickel allergy.

But this review is about introducing someone new to sex toys to the joy of vibration. The Pocket Rocket might be the quintessential beginner’s toy — it’s simple but powerful, strong but not intimidating in shape or size. We tried this during a evening my lover had already had at least one powerful orgasm from a combination of stimulation. I introduced her briefly to the toy by running it over her pierced nipples, making her giggle.

When I pressed the toy to my lover’s clit, it seemed too powerful at first. She asked if it had any other speeds, which this toy does not — it’s either on or off. But she grew to love the feeling in the time it took us to discuss it — when I asked her if she wanted me to stop or try another, slower toy she responded “No, that’s OK” in a tone of voice that clearly meant “don’t you dare stop!” She seemed to love the Pocket Rocket best if I moved it in a gentle, small circular pattern. We took turns using it on her, and once she started coming from this toy it seemed like she just couldn’t stop orgasming as long as it was pressed against her — the sensations just went on and on. Afterwards, she seemed a little embarrassed at how much noise she’d been making; she even said her abdominal muscles hurt from clenching so much!

Unless you need much stronger vibrations than this toy provides, I think it’s hard to go wrong with the inexpensive, simple yet effective MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket. It’s a perfect toy for dropping in your travel bag and it’s small enough to easily use alone or with a partner during penetrative sex in many positions. If you don’t own a pocket rocket yet, what are you waiting for?

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