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Busy Kit / Flipside Content Lead

Posted in Burning Man, Life, and Other Writing

I’ve been very busy lately — my goal to find more sources of income in the new year is working out quite well so far. I have an ongoing freelance writing gig to work on and I just took on my first professional proofreading gig. I’m still actively looking for work in writing, webgeekery or social media, and very grateful to my friends who continue to send me useful leads.

At the Burning Flipside Warehouse. Image taken by Kit O'Connell in 2011.

I haven’t put as much time into my fiction writing recently, but I did hear a nice complement — the submissions editor of a major magazine said of my queer horror story “Becoming” that “I definitely haven’t seen anything like it.” Whether or not the editor of that magazine ultimately decides to publish the story, I can definitely use that kind of feedback to encourage me to keep going.

In other exciting news, I have been asked to take on the role of Web Content Lead for Burning Flipside 2011. This position has been empty for the last 3 years — possibly since the creation of the role. My vision for the Burning Flipside website is to make the site richer, so a visitor can gain a better sense of our community, our values, and our art. I think it can be carefully grown to become much more than just a place to learn about ticket dates, volunteer opportunities and so on.

As a result I am actively recruiting a volunteer web content team. If you are a Texas Burner who wants to contribute to your community with writing, interviews, photography, or other visual and written media than please get in touch with me (you can find my content information at the top of this page).

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