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Review: Spartacus 20″ Rubber Strap Whip

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I review sex toys for You can find the Spartacus Rubber Strap Whip and other Kink Toys on their site. Disclaimer: Although I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase something via an affiliate link), I am sent free toys in return for my honest opinion.

Spartacus 20" Rubber Strap Flogger

This is the third toy I have played with by Spartacus. The first two, my favorite riding crop and a silicone ball gag, were both mentioned in my Top Toys of 2010. After playing with this excellent flogger, I think I’m going to say I’m officially a fan; I expect I’ll be amassing quite the collection of Spartacus toys.

The latest is what the manufacturer calls the Spartacus 20″ Rubber Strap Whip, but what most kinksters would call a mean rubber flogger. 20″ is measured as the total length of the toy including the handle. It has 22 black rubber tails, each 1/4″ wide and cut to a pointy end. The handle is coated in the same rubber, with studs that are both attractive and aid in keeping a good grip. There is a D-ring at the end to make it easy to hang up this toy on your toy wall.

Floggers are fun but they do take some practice. If you’re new to them you should spend some time practicing alone with the toy — swinging it in the air and also aiming at inanimate objects like pillows. Try to get an experienced flogging top to help you you can. Of course, it’s always good to experience for yourself anything you plan to dish out, so you should also receive some floggings before you give them if at all possible.

There are lots of different floggers in the world. Some of them are ‘thuddy’ with broad tails made of a material like leather. They can certainly be painful, but it’s a sensation not unlike a skilled masseuse slapping against your back. Even people who aren’t really into pain or other kinds of kink play often find the experience of being flogged by a thuddy flogger pleasurable.

This is not one of those floggers. Its tails hit hard, but they sting; the tips also help give it bite. This is a toy that should be used by those reasonably experienced at using floggers; however it is well-balanced and not too heavy and the handle should fit in most anyone’s hand. The tails fall predictably and it is easy to aim. Like every Spartacus toy I have played with, the design is simple but extremely functional. The rubber tails have an nice smooth feel and the handle never slipped once in my hand while I was using it.

For a lot of submissives and bottoms — especially relatively inexperienced ones — you’d want to warm up with other toys first before using this rubber flogger in a scene. I first tried it on my pet at the recent Houston Art Nerds salon, which took a kinkier than usual turn. Pet and I are experienced with each other and I know what she can handle, so I was able to start on this with relatively little warm-up. My pet is one of those delightful subs who giggles during the right kind of play, so she was soon giggling and squirming away as she gripped a corner of a doorway in the salon studio, her shirt off and her skirt tossed up. This toy definitely left some red marks after our session and the other artists enjoyed the show we put on, of course.

There’s probably nothing unique about the this rubber flogger. If you already own a dozen floggers then this one may not appeal to you, but if you are growing your collection like I am then this is a perfect choice. The 20″ Rubber Strap Whip is another hit from Spartacus.