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Review: California Exotic’s Ultimate Exciter

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I review sex toys for You can find the CalExotic’s Exciter and other vibrators on their site. Disclaimer: Though I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase a toy via one of my affiliate links), I do receive free toys in return for my honest opinion.

The Ultimate Exciter from California Exotic Novelties, one of MyPleasure's best-selling toys.

A lot of women enjoy vibrators during partnered sex, of course, but many of them are not designed to fit well between two bodies. The Wahl Massager might be an extremely powerful toy but in some positions it’s uncomfortable for penetrative intercourse. That’s where a toy California Exotic’s Exciter comes in handy, although its design also makes it a great choice for solo play too.

The Exciter is a purple toy made of ‘rubber-cote’ material which is firm but has a velvety texture. This toy can be cleaned with soap and water, alcohol or toy cleaner. Rubber-cote is phthalate free and should be largely non-porous. Since a condom might interfere with the textured tip, I think this is better as a single-user toy rather than one which is shared. Like all of California Exotic Novelties’ sex toys, it is sold for novelty use only though there is nothing to suggest that it is unsafe.

The Exciter is powered off of two AAA-batteries. There’s a little plastic insert inside the battery compartment which is supposed to hold the batteries, but the one I was sent actually worked more reliably when I removed the insert — your mileage may vary, so keep the insert handy even if you do pull it out, just in case. There’s also a rubber ring on the battery lid which should make this toy basically waterproof, though I’d be hesitant to submerge it completely for very long.

This toy is thin and easy to slip between two bodies. The head is angled to make it easy to aim at the clitoris, and the vibrations are located in the business end where they belong, making them strong and targeted. The head is designed in a cup shape to better hug the clit, with nubs around the cup for added texture and sensation. The power button is located on the opposite end from the vibrations. The first time you press the button the toy turns on, then each additional button press cycles through one of 9 vibration or pulsation patterns; pressing a final time turns the toy off. This design is good in that it should keep the user from accidentally opening the battery compartment under water as with some toys. However it is also a major drawback if you need to turn the toy off in a hurry for some reason.

This toy is powerful and fun. I gifted it to my lover, “Honey J,” because she wanted something new which she can use in the shower. She loved how the toy felt on her clit when we tried it out together the first time, and then I sent her home to try it on her own. Honey lives in a very busy shared household with 5 other roommates, so it can be difficult for her to find private time. Since I gave her the Exciter, it has become her personal shower buddy. She can personally (and enthusiastically!) attest to its effectiveness at giving orgasms and remaining waterproof in a wet shower environment.

As long as you can handle the slightly awkward one-button cycling, CalExotic’s Exciter is a wonderful gift to partnered sex and a great toy for masturbation too. The angle makes it easier for a woman to use on herself than many vibes no matter what other activities she’s participating in. I think it’d be a welcome addition to any toy lover’s collection!

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