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Dinner with Dracula by Joe Vadalma, and e-Book from Page Turner Editions

I’m really getting excited about my role as Web Content Lead for Burning Flipside this year. The team of writers, photographers, and other creative people I’ve assembled is enthusiastic and talented — I’m still looking for more to join my roster, but excited about what the people I’ve already recruited are doing. We’re already talking with the Parks Department, working with the PETs to create a medical safety guide for the event, hoping to work with an art car creator to document their project, and more in the works. Town Hall should be an exciting time to meet with people about my plans.

I’m also really enjoying being a copy-editor for PageTurnerEditions. So far both books I have worked with have been a pleasure to read. The first I finished was Joe Vadalma’s DINNER WITH DRACULA: Being the Weird Adventures of Charles Winterbottom, Archeologist with Azathoth, Cthulhu, the Yeti Queen, the Dark Gods of Lemuria – And Other Terrifying Creatures of the Night. This was a fun, campy, raunchy pulp novel of a globe-trotting archaeologists and his weird encounters with the unknown, usually while he’s simultaneously trying to get into the pants of some hot young thing. I think the Lemurian sequence was my favorite. The book is already on sale; though it lists for $4.99 the price drops by $1 when you add it to your cart. I’ve already gotten paid for this book, but I think it’s worth reading — it’s the kind of thing I’d enjoy curling up with on my eReader during the cold winter, or outside on one of the unseasonably warm “winter” days we’ve been having.

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