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Review: Spartacus’ Black & Blue Frat Paddle

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I review sex toys for You can find the Spartacus Black and Blue Frat Paddle and other Kink Toys on their site. Disclaimer: Although I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase something via an affiliate link), I am sent free toys in return for my honest opinion.

The Black & Blue Frat Paddle from Spartacus Leathers.

This toy was a pleasant surprise. When I came upon this ‘frat paddle’ (a name which refers to the long, comparatively narrow shape) while browsing through, it looked fun and a little mean. I love to give spankings, though I’m famously unable to take them, and I’ve enjoyed every Spartacus Leathers product I’ve tried so far. It didn’t feel like much of a gamble to decide this would be a good addition to my paddle collection, as I didn’t have any in this shape yet and it looked like much thicker leather than my other leather paddle.

What the description in the catalog neglects to mention is that the Black and Blue Frat Paddle is steel reinforced. A narrow band of spring steel runs down the center of the paddle from the handle to the opposite edge. This means the paddle is flexible but very firm.

This paddle is 16.5 inches long and fairly thick. In addition to the bruises it could leave, its name comes from its two tone color. Most of the paddle is black leather, but a thin layer of blue leather is sewn onto one side. This is not purely cosmetic — the blue leather is softer and adds some significant padding over the steel core. The toy also features a hole for hanging with a strap already attached.  The blue leather is both sewn on and then glued around the edges, but the glue is already beginning to come up a little on mine. The stitching should keep the blue side from detaching, but it will give the paddle a more worn look after some use. Overall, the leather this toy is made from will mark up and weather relatively quickly but I think it will do so attractively.

Make no mistake, this is not a light weight spanking toy. In most cases you will want to use it after warm up with bare hands and possibly other, lighter paddles. There is a very real possibility that this toy will leave bruises if you use it with any real force. That’s no problem for my current roster of regular play partners, all of whom are masochists and love to take home souvenirs of our play; however it is something to keep in mind when introducing it to yours.

I put this paddle through several days of good use including a lengthy scene at a play party with Mz. Honey J and an over the knee spanking with my pet. In both cases it contributed (with the help of other toys) to some mild to moderate bruising and the type of skin spotting which Pet taught me is called petechial hemorraging. While this toy is primarily useful on the ass and thighs and should be used with great care anywhere else, it was fun to tap it very lightly against Pet’s pierced nipples and watch her squirm.

If you like heavy spanking than this is a deceptively powerful toy to add to your arsenal. The Black and Blue Frat Paddle is another great toy from Spartacus!

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