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Now Available: “Lifting the Veil” by Kit O’Connell

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"Lifting the Veil" is now available in This Is The Way The World Ends from Freaky Fountain Press. CLICK TO BUY!

Glory and Misha are a polyamorous, bisexual couple and one of a handful of underground chemists who have been supplied with the formula for a new experimental drug called XDMT. When Misha takes the drug for the first time, he has an encounter with hallucinogenic entities known as Strangers. The Strangers give him a terrible message of the impending apocalypse and teach him to spread their gospel of sex and psychedelics:

Glory spoke his name and in an instant he was upon her. She squeaked, eyes widening as his fingers closed in her brown hair, close near her scalp; the blue of her irises looked so bright it seemed artificial. He felt her body jerk as he grabbed her and pressed her back to the mattress. She quivered in shock at the sudden motion, with that brief flush of fear she always had that turned almost instantly into pleasure and submission. As his teeth closed on her neck, her entire body arched upwards, pressing her soft skin against him, her legs parting in the process so that her hot, swollen cuntlips pressed against him, shocking Misha into awareness of his own straining erection. He grabbed Glory’s feet and pressed them back toward her head, so that his cock rubbed her g-spot as he entered her. The hunger he felt for her was invigorating, but he knew at the heart of it he was seeking familiarity — the way her legs quivered uncontrollably as he took her, how he loved to watch her face flush and her eyes roll back blissfully into her head, just like every time he’d fucked her this way.

Glory seemed to love the suddenness and it was as if his desperation spilled over onto her. Her hands clutched his back, shifting at random over his skin as her hips twisted and thrust underneath him. The pleasure that was making her body jerk and her muscles clench tight around him was gathering into one huge storm of overloading sensation, and he felt a rising tension in himself to match. There was no thought of holding back: this was a hard, desperate, fast fuck.

“Wow,” she panted, “It was that good?” But then she saw his face, and her own seemed to crumple with worry. “Misha?”

Excerpted from “Lifting the Veil” by Kit O’Connell

Author Kit O'Connell imbibes (legal) intoxicants at a festival. "Lifting the Veil" is his new story of sex, experimental drugs, and the last Burning Man ever.

My short story “Lifting the Veil” was published today in This Is The Way The World Ends, an anthology of apocalyptic erotica from Freaky Fountain Press. I’ve been published before, especially my poetry, and I’ve been sharing my words here with you for a while now. I’m really excited because this is one of the first opportunities my readers have had to experience my fiction. If you’ve enjoyed my sex toy reviews, A Burner Lexicon, or any of my other writing then I hope you’ll buy this book.

Sometimes friends will say to me, “I hope you don’t mind if I linked to your post” or “I told my poly-curious friend about your read-along, is that OK?” Of course I am always thrilled when people share my work, but this time I am positively encouraging you: tell your friends, tweet, like or share this on Facebook, etc. Not only do all 10 authors in this collection benefit from every purchase, but I really want to see this fledgling press succeed. The Fountain is dedicated to publishing the kind of smart, edgy, sometimes taboo smut that pervy sapiosexuals like us adore.

This Is The Way The World Ends, a collection is apocalyptic erotica featuring “Lifting The Veil” and 9 other stories, is now available in print and eBook editions. It will be available on Amazon Kindle on March 2. But you can buy it direct from the Fountain today.

Update 3/8/2011: You can hear a free online reading of this story this Wednesday.

Update 3/4/2011: This Is The Way The World Ends is now available on the Amazon Kindle and compatible devices.

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