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Turn Off Your TV (on

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Turn Off Your TV will display glowing colorbars suspended in the air. Image by Tommy.

I am the Web Content Lead for this year’s Burning Flipside. In addition to commanding a legion of writers and photographers who are eager to do my every bidding, I also write articles myself. My latest is about Turn Off Your TV, an art installation at the upcoming event:


Roxanne’s vision for Turn Off Your TV is of a series of plexiglass boxes suspended in the air. The boxes will be filled with light that illuminates “colorbars,” old-fashioned television test patterns. The art is meant to inspire nostalgia in the viewer for an older form of technology, while simultaneously reminding them of what they have opted to leave behind by visiting Burning Flipside.

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I’m really looking forward to seeing how this project progresses, and of course enjoying the finished work at Burning Flipside: Bad Idea. This promises to be a great year for art.

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