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Review: Doc Johnson Bondage Rope

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I review sex toys for You can find the Doc Johnson Bondage Rope (in three colors) and other bondage gear on their site.

Rope is big deal to some people. There are entire conventions devoted to rope enthusiasts; Shibari or other forms of Japanese-influenced bondage have become extremely popular. Some of the top rope teachers and riggers also make and sell their own, processing raw hemp rope into an array of beautiful colors. Though this rope is durable and feels good on the skin, it can also cost as much as $1/foot or more. If you have a budget to match your love-affair with rope, this stuff is great. But what do you do otherwise?

Playing with Doc Johnson Bondage Rope and Mz Honey J.

Pet and I actually have about 120′ feet of really good rope which she bought at a Boss Bondage demonstration in Houston. This rope is special to her and I, however, and is not used on others without her explicit permission — permission I hesitate to ask for, because it’s really meant for our play alone. Since I see others who love getting tied up, I selected two roughly 30′ lengths of rope in Black and Purple in my most recent order. This cotton rope is sold by Doc Johnson, one of the largest sex toy vendors. They arrived securely wrapped in bundles, inside plastic clamshell packaging which is disposable and somewhat wasteful.

This rope might not impress your status-conscious friends at the next kink party, but it’s soft and strong. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t dig into the skin easily. This rope works great for basic harnesses and most bedroom bondage play. You can combine multiple lengths for more complicated ties or Shibari patterns. I’m not trained in doing rope suspension or rigging, so I can’t speak to whether this rope is appropriate for hanging submissives in mid-air or similar antics.

When we couldn’t find another way to attach my manacles to an X-Cross at a play party, my apprentice Noelle and I used a length of this rope to tie Mz Honey J to the equipment instead. On other visits with Honey, I have used this rope to tie her to the slats on her bedframe in various ways. In the process I have discovered that she is quite the rope bunny. I also used some to create a simple tie on Grace’s wrists for her first experiences with rope. When bodily fluids have gotten on it I’ve simply run it through the wash; though the ends get frayed, I just cut them off then singe them with a lighter to prevent unraveling.

Last night I asked Honey to pose for me with this rope, and you’ll see a few of the results in the Flash gallery below. Press the FS button to view the photos in full screen mode.

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I’m just beginning to hone my rope skills and having more rope to play with will help. If you’re new like I am, the trick is first to learn the building blocks and then to use those in new ways. One of the most basic ties in Japanese bondage is the single-column tie, demonstrated in this YouTube video.

Doc Johnson Bondage Rope is great for those who are curious about rope, kinksters that need to add inexpensive lengths to their collection, or those who otherwise can’t afford or don’t care to use the fancy stuff. It is available in red, black or purple.

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