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Review: Spartacus Clit Clamps

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I review sex toys for You can find the Purple Beaded Clit Clamp and the Bell Clit Clamp along with other Kink Toys on their site.

Clit Clamp with Purple Beads, from Spartacus Leathers

A glance at my past reviews of kinky toys shows that I have a fondness for products from Spartacus Leathers. Although they are one of the larger brands of mass-produced kink toys, their quality and durability are high. For example, their rubber flogger has been through many beatings, both the kind it was meant to give and the kind it receives when I drop it into a bag full of stuff on the way to a camping trip. It still looks great and is just as sturdy as ever.

The latest Spartacus toys to join my collection are two clit clamps. Each is an essentially identical set of tweezer-style clamps with rubber grips. A metal ring hugs the length of the “tweezers,” so you just line the grips up on either side of the clitoris and then slide the ring up until the clamp has achieved the desired tightness. To remove them you just slide the ring the other way.

The only difference between these two toys is that one of the clamps is decorated with purple beads and the other has a tiny bell. I ordered both these toys with my pet in mind — I had a feeling it would be the kind of sensation she’d enjoy. I got the beaded clamp first so it was the first to receive a test.

These toys are definitely easier to position when after arousal. It took a couple tries to place the beaded clamp the first time, but once it was in place it was obvious that this toy was creating quite a lot of sensation as Pet squirmed around on the bed. Activities like spanking or other forms of impact play which cause her to move only intensified these sensations. And just like nipple clamps, when a clit clamp is left in place for a while and then removed the blood rushes back to the area creating even more sensation and a temporary but noticeable increase in sensitivity.

Bell Clit Clamp from Spartacus.

We had fun with this toy, but it wasn’t exactly what I’d expected. In my imagination, this toy would be just long enough so that the beads would tickle my cock during penetrative intercourse, but instead the clamp itself is very long — much too long for comfort during penetration of any kind. This best use for this toy is for foreplay, teasing or exhibitionism. When you’re ready, remove it and enjoy the added sensitivity during more direct sexual activities.

Because we had fun with the first toy, in my next sex toy order I selected the bell clit clamp. While it’s just as long as the first clamp, it also fits just as snugly while creating a wonderful light sound with every movement your submissive makes. We had a lot of fun with this toy — the bell jingles every time Pet’s hips would squirm, as well as of course every time she was spanked or paddled. This only encouraged me to try more toys to make the bell ring, much to our mutual enjoyment.

A ringing bell doesn’t just create Pavlovian response in dogs, but apparently in Doms as well! Though we might use the beaded clamp from time to time, it’s clear the bell was the winner for us. I plan to combine it with Pet’s favorite kegel toys to create even more intense sensations.

Like all Spartacus products I have tried, both the Purple Beaded Clit Clamp and the Bell Clit Clamp are inexpensive but well made kink toys. They aren’t for everyone, but for people with clits that enjoy pinching or firm stimulation these would make a great gift or naughty surprise.

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