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A New Week

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The effigy under construction. Black Rock City, August 25, 2011. Photo by Michael Holden.

Thanks to everyone who read my blog during “Burning Man Week” last week, and to everyone who shared my links with friends directly or on social networks. I had a great time finishing up my series on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, as well as sharing other information for people going to the playa. It was one of this website’s most successful weeks ever, thanks in part to a lot of traffic from the link-sharing site Reddit, which has its own page on Burning Man. The most popular entry was the freshly posted entry on Participation, but all of A Burner Lexicon was heavily trafficked including that perennial favorite entry, shirt cocking. I hope everyone in Black Rock City this week has a joyous, enlightening and safe time that is free of men dressed in just t-shirts.

For all of you who are not interested in Burning Man but read me anyway, thanks for your patience. Since most of the readers interested in that stuff are away from their computers, I plan to bring you lots of other content this week including more in the The Ethical Slut Read-along and a sex toy review. As for me, I plan to attend my local Orphan burn this weekend.

My laptop experienced more difficulties — its heat sink died along with its A/C adapter which necessitated yet another trip back to Dell. Happily the warranty is still there for another few months but I should start considering what I’ll do next if it breaks. I am not sure I will go with the same brand of laptop again though their warranty has certainly been comprehensive. It was hard to work while it was gone, but Pet loaned me her laptop and I was able to schedule blog posts in advance.

A long distance lover has been visiting from Minneapolis. We met a few years ago at a science fiction convention in Minnesota, and have seen each other a couple times a year for a while. It is a great example of the kind of relationship that polyamory allows for; we’ve both acknowledged that there are ways in which our relationship might not work if it were more involved. For example, she loves cold weather as much as I love it when its warm, and she loves being out in the country as much as I love being in the city. But we love the time we do spend together and I’m glad our lives allow it. She is here till Tuesday; her visit has also shown me how entangled my life has become with my polyfamily, and for all I have enjoyed her company I have missed theirs and made a point of spending time with each where I could.

I’ve reflected a lot recently on how much my life has changed over the last years, months, or even weeks. A Burn this weekend will be the perfect way to celebrate and unwind.

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