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There’s a stomach bug going around my social circle and I’m suffering from it, unfortunately. It started with Pet’s housemates, and spread to me. I started feeling poorly on Sunday, after eating breakfast with Pet’s parents (a surprisingly positive experience) when I suddenly felt very sick to my stomach. It’s been coming and going since then — I felt better Monday then woke up Tuesday feeling awful again… hopefully I continue getting better — it seems like a short-lived illness.

Nighttime at Avocasa. The MyTouch 4G Slide takes amazing low light pictures.

I’ve finally upgraded to a new Android phone — my old one, a G1, was in pretty terrible shape after both heavy use and some unfortunate accidents. The fact that it was still working at its age and in its condition was a testament to its good construction, a lot of luck, and Cyanogenmod. However it was past time to upgrade and it is a pleasure to have something which works quickly and without constantly crashing or randomly shutting off.

My new phone is an MyTouch Slide 4G and its features are impressive, especially its camera which has an amazing ability to grab low light pics — you can bet I’ll be capturing more pictures for here and on various social networks like Twitter or FetLife.

Otherwise life continues, in some ways getting better, in other ways as awesome as ever. Been reading lots of books and watching some good media while I’ve been under the weather — maybe I’ll comment on some of them more in the near future.

My website was recently linked in a few places. The “spankologist” Chross highlighted my Lexicon entry Playasexual and its photo as a Spanking of the Week. This elevated Playasexual over former popular favorite Shirt-cocking as the most popular entry in A Burner Lexicon. In addition, Free Press Houston‘s Dr. Absinthe linked to my 5 Kinky Toys from the Office Supply Store in her excellent article on What Makes A Good Sex Shop. The 5 Kinky Toys series will continue in the near future.

There will also be more sex toy reviews coming soon. Among the toys waiting for review are my new Tenga Eggs and some beautiful dildos from TC Diletti.

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