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Reader feedback: Oil-based Lubes and Polyurethane

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In my last Kit Q&A I looked at the safety of oil-based lubes and polyisoprene condoms. Yesterday I received the following feedback:

Dear Kit:

Oil-based lubes like Elbow Grease are safe to use with polyurethane condoms.

I found your article online about condoms and oil based lubricants.

I work for Elbow Grease Lubricants, trusted brand since 1979 and the most recognized oil-based creams on the market.

I have been doing a lot of research on condoms and oil-based lubes. I enjoyed your Q&A on polyisoprene condoms and oil-based lubricants.

I wanted to let you know that oil- based lubricants are safe with polyurethane. Trojan Supra condoms are made of polyurethane. If you happen to have any information on these condoms or polyurethane please send it to me.


Kind regards,



Thanks for getting in touch, Jennifer! I used polyurethane condoms with lovers with latex allergies in the days before polyisoprene condoms like Lifestyles Skyn were available. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan; it reminded me uncomfortably of putting my cock in a plastic sandwich bag!

However, it is good to know for safety purposes — for those who love oil-based lubes or even using natural oils for sex, but want to practice safer sex. Since every penis has a different shape, I don’t doubt there are lovers of polyurethane out there, too.

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