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Review: Papaya Toys’ Candy Stick

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Before I get into reviewing this toy, I want to complement Papaya Toys on their online customer service, in particular how engaged they are on Twitter. Both the main account, @PapayaToys and the account of owner Pam McKenna, @PapayaPam, are incredibly responsive to questions, requests, and even just friendly conversation. Other companies, whether part of the adult industry or not, could stand to follow their example.

Papaya Toys' Candy Stick, Green "apple" color.

Papaya Toys are a new entry among high-end sex toy manufacturers, releasing four vibrators. All Papaya Toys are waterproof and made of high-quality silicone. They all have variable speeds and multiple vibration pattern, and come in a nice gift box with a satin pouch.  Another common feature is a battery holder that may be inserted either way into the toy for ease of use.

The first Papaya I’ve gotten my hands on is the Candy Stick, which features a 10-inch, firm but flexible shaft of rippled silicone in bright colors. The controls are relatively simple. It has just two buttons. A single click of the right button always turns the toy immediately off. The left button turns the toy on and cycles through a couple of vibration patterns. Holding the left or right button increases or decreases the intensity. Because it is waterproof and silicone, you can clean it in soap and water or use alcohol. The ripples need extra care and mean I probably would not share this toy.

Though many high-end toy manufacturers are moving away from this, the Candy Stick is labeled for Novelty Use Only. Pam the company owner told me this legally prevents anyone from confusing the toy with a medical device and allows the company to register their devices with the Food & Drug Administration (though she was quick to remind me that no sex toys are FDA approved). Many toys labeled this way are poorly made or unsafe and the consumer has little recourse if it breaks, but instead Papaya Toys offers a 30 day guarantee against defects.

Pet and I selected this toy from the Papaya catalog for her use, and have tried it twice. The first time I held the toy and used it on her while on the second occasion I let her control it while I teased her and she gave me head. The vibrations are rumbly and deep but not especially strong. The pulsing settings seemed a bit weak compared to the vibrations set to high, which was most pleasurable. We definitely had fun; both times Pet eventually reached strong, body-shaking orgasms but it was the toy’s thickness and texture as much as any other form of stimulation. Though the flexibility helped, my lover found the toy a bit awkward to hold; she has small hands and it is quite large, and a bit heavy. She said it was more fun when I was in control of this one.

We’ll probably use this toy again because the size and shape are great, but I don’t think Pet will be taking it home for solo sessions. I think the Candy Stick makes a good thrusting toy for partnered sex, but those who want strong targeted vibrations should probably look elsewhere. I hope we get to play with more Papaya Toys in the future — though new, I love their attitude and outlook.

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Papaya Toys sent their Candy Stick directly to me for review. Disclaimer: I am not paid for my reviews (unless you buy something via an affiliate link) but I am given free products in return for my honest opinion.

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