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New Writing by Kit: How Weather Affects Wallets

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Creative commons image by Ryan Pequin for Simple Finance Corporation.

I recently started writing for Simple, a new online banking company which aims to make it easier for people to save their money and work toward personal financial goals. They seem like an interesting company which is trying to do some good for its customers. As a writer, I like how they commission a creative commons graphic for each article on their blog.

My first published article was Three Ways Weather Affects Wallets:

A record number of days over 100°F left us with electricity bills that could make anyone break out in a sweat. In contrast, where I grew up, I remember my family struggling to pay the heating bills during some hard winters. We can all see how the changing of seasons affects us, and many of us have lived through catastrophic weather of one kind or another, from hurricanes to wildfires.

It can be harder to see weather’s more subtle effects on us, either locally or around the globe. Here are three ways that weather is affecting our lives and our bottom line.

Read more on Simple’s blog.

I also contributed to another article they recently published, Three Ways to Improve your Credit Report.

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