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Review: Tenga 3D Spiral

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I review sex toys for Babeland. You can find the Tenga 3D and other toys for cocks on their site.

My review of Tenga Eggs and my Tenga video guide are two of my most popular pieces of adult writing. When a friend of mine asked me to review products of this kind I didn’t realize how much demand there was for information on quality adult products for male pleasure.

The Tenga 3D Spiral.

Babeland recently sent me another toy to try — the Tenga 3D. Just like the eggs, it comes in a variety of textures. Babeland sent me the Tenga 3D Spiral, which has nubbins all along its length in a spiral pattern. Unlike the eggs it’s deliberately designed for multiple uses; it’s made of the same elastomer but much thicker. This material is still porous though, so either make this a single person toy or always use it with a condom.

The toy comes with the textured side facing outwards, and ships on a plastic stand inside of a clear plastic case. In the base of the case is an instruction manual and a bit of lube, but I think you’re better off using another as the Tenga lube has parabens, which irritate some people with sensitive skin.

To use the Tenga 3D, you slip it from its stand and turn it inside out. It forms a tube with an opening in one end. Just like the eggs, you pour some lube into the opening, spread it around with your fingers, then insert a cock. The shaft should be at least semi-erect. Once inserted, you can stroke the spiral up and down, hold it still and thrust into it, or squeeze it to feel the texture in different ways.

Clean up is mostly easy — you turn the toy inside out again and then wash it with soap and water under the tap. The stand doubles as a drying rack — the wet toy should dry out over a day or two if you leave it standing up with the cover off. I did find that it’s good to clean both sides from time to time, as even though you only use the textured side both get a little dirty. Also some moisture tends to linger around the opening and the base of the rack, taking a long time to evaporate away. Once the toy is 100% dry you can place the plastic cover back on to protect your sleeve from dirt and dust.

This is all easier to show than to describe so here’s a short tutorial video I made with Pet’s help:

How does this toy feel? I think it’s pretty wonderful. I didn’t enjoy the texture of the Spider egg much so I was a bit worried if this would be similar. But the nubbins feel great and I love the snug feeling this toy has — it’s tubular shape and stretchy opening feel a little like combining a masturbation sleeve with a gentle cock ring. Every cock is different, but for me this is a winning combination. If the lube is cold or any water remains from the last wash, the sleeve is a bit clammy at first but warms quickly. For best use, start with it completely dry, add lube, and warm it in your hands for a few minutes first.

If this sounds like something fun for your cock or the cock of someone you love, I recommend the Tenga 3D Spiral.

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