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Where’s Kit Now?

Posted in Life, and Other Writing

May Day 2012 in Austin. Photo by John Jack Anderson, Austin Chronicle.

May Day took a lot of my energy, and that weekend my household followed it up with a birthday for my friend Gyesika, which was a very good time but further drained my available spoons. I don’t regret a minute of it, but it was all I could do to edit MyFDL and feed myself for a couple of days. I’m feeling better, looking forward to Burning Flipside, and wondering if I can push myself enough and find a ride to get me to Chicago for the NATO conference.

Here’s where you can find me this week:

  • I continue to edit My FireDogLake. We especially welcome stories from Occupy, activism and direct action. I also write a nightly ‘watercooler’ open thread where you can chat about anything at all. Registration on MyFDL is free, and it’s a site which has done a lot for the #OWS movement.
  • Tonight (Wednesday, May 9) at 7pm Central/8pm EST I will be part of the free Occupy Supply Skillshare on Alternative Media. As of this writing, you can still register. I’ll be teaching some ways to create better blog posts and how to amplify your message with Twitter.
  • Thursday, I’ll be taking part in the Occupy Austin OccuQueers second action demanding that President Obama sign the Executive Nondiscrimination Act.
  • Sunday, May 13 I appear at the Third Coast Sunday, at 6pm at the 5604 Manor Community Center in Austin. The subject is Celebrating Progressive Politics and Radical Roots, and I’ll be giving a short presentation on the state of Occupy.


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