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Firedoglake: We Can’t Wait, Round Two

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Dallas Get Equal protest. Photo by Armando Dallas.

I just posted on Firedoglake about the next round in the Occupy Austin OccuQueers series of actions for LGBTQ Workplace Equality. I also talked about some segments of the blogosphere which are taking a more cynical view toward Obama’s personal (but not legislative) support of same-sex marriage.

Now we need to keep the pressure on the President, and increase the pressure on our representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives. Statements are wonderful, but its time for some concrete action.

It’s a rainy day in Austin, but we’re still planning to stage a small action for the executive nondiscrimination order, and our livestreamer promised to attend. The action is due to start at 4:30pm Central (5:30pm Eastern).

Read the rest on Firedoglake.

Watch my Twitter & Youtube for updates from this afternoon’s action.

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