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Firedoglake: Occupy’s Political Prisoners

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Banner Drop: Terrorists Wear Badges. Free the NATO 3!
Occupy Austin’s solidarity banner drop during the NATO protests in May (Photo: John Jack Anderson, used with permission).

Today on Firedoglake I wrote about the new political prisoners of the Occupy Movement:

On December 17, Occupy Wall Street attempted a reoccuptation — not of Liberty Square, but of a new space. Climbing a fence on livestream, occupiers poured into a fenced-in space owned by Trinity Wall Street, a church-run business that is historically one of New York City’s oldest landlords. The trial of 8 of these occupiers, including a retired bishop and active clergy members, concluded on June 18. Seven of the defendants, including the clergy, were convicted of trespassing and sentenced to four days of community service. But one man, Mark Adams, was singled out for especially harsh treatment.

Read the rest on Firedoglake.

The article includes information on how you can join jail support from anywhere by writing a letter to one of these unfortunate victims of the police state. You can also join the June 20 Phone Call Day of Action in support of the NATO5.

Though the NATO 5 case is very disturbing, I unfortunately expect such things from Chicago, probably one of the most infamously corrupt cities in the United States. For me the most upsetting thing to read in doing the research for this peace for New York’s Judge Sciarrino’s decision to bring a harsher punishment on Mark Adams than the district attorney requested, and especially his claim that property rights are as important as first amendment rights.

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