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Firedoglake: Mark Adams’ Hunger Strike

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Solidarity Image for Mark Adams

On Firedoglake today, I wrote an update on Occupy’s Political Prisoners:

Mark Adams, sentenced to 45 days (of which he is expected to serve 28 at Rikers Island) for his involvement in the December 17 reoccupation attempt, has reportedly begun a hunger strike.

Support Mark Adams quotes a statement by Adams:

Yesterday, Trinity Wall Street “Church,” the NYPD and the State of New York sentenced me to forty five days in jail for my political beliefs and actions. … On [December 17], my intention was to facilitate the on-going efforts to convince Trinity Church that our use of the space was consistent with their principles and mission. I wanted the unused and deserted lot to the community within Occupy Wall Street and beyond, so that through collective grassroots effort we would build an alternative society built on mutual aid, solidarity and anti-oppression.

Read more on Firedoglake.

I hope that by spreading word of these cases, I’ll not only encourage people to write letters and participate in other forms of jail support, but also personalize these issues. It’s easy to think that the United States’ abuses on human rights happen only far away, to people with whom we can’t identify. We’re all human, but these abuses are happening here at home, to people like you and I. I was also thrilled to have Kevin Gostzola of Dissenter offer his thoughts on the NATO 3 in the comments.

More: My nightly watercooler is on the United Nations, Occupy Wall Street, and the concept of authority.

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