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Kit Q&A: Oil Wrestling

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On Saturdays, I sometimes answer reader questions.

I am hosting a sexy event and I plan on having oil wrestling. We have been discussing the best and safest oil for this type of activity. Do you have a suggestion?

Two men oil wrestling.
Some options for oil wrestling. Because Kit’s an authority. Photo: Kevin Goebel.

Q: What is the best oil for oil wrestling?

I know a little about oil wrestling. It’s been a pastime at some regional Burning Man community events here in Texas.

Over the years, we’ve tried a few things. The first substance was baby oil (like Johnson & Johnson make) which obviously is for skin already, and you can buy a lot of baby oil cheaply. It’s very slippery.

However, more recently local Burners switched over to sex lube; apparently you can order lube in bulk from the Internet. It’s super slippery and water based lubes are less of an environmental issue. However, that might be more of a concern at festivals where people are likely to jump in the water to clean off, leaving a big oil slick on the creek or pool!

Consider potential cleanup issues no matter what you use. Also, remember that oils of all kinds destroy condoms and other safer sex items, which is something to keep in mind for a sexy party. And some experts raise concerns about the safety of mineral oil.

Otherwise, in terms of body safety in general, the ‘carrier oils‘ are well-known to massage therapists but may be less slippery than the above options.

In closing, I love that I live a life where strangers write me to ask advice on sexy wrestling.

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