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Photos: Occupy Austin Unwelcomes Obama

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I recently edited my first short film from the July 17 Austin visit by President Barack Obama. A small group of us challenged Obama supporters as they stood in line at the Austin Music Hall waiting to see the President speak, a privilege most had paid $250 to earn. Our Do Not Kill List team challenged a few of his supporters to confront the issue of drone warfare and White House claims that they can kill anyone anywhere without due process. I edited this short film with Open Shot; the process was time-consuming but straightforward. I’ll share some video editing notes soon.

Two protest banners: No Tar Sands & Workers of the World Occupy!
At the Obama Unwelcome Party, July 17 2012 in Austin, Texas (Photo: Kit O’Connell).

Over on Firedoglake, I wrote a report on the full Obama Unwelcome Party:

The Do Not Kill List sketch was conceived during a meeting of the OccuQueers as a way to engage about the so-called ‘Kill List’ — Obama’s claim that he can kill anyone for any reason anywhere without due process – as well as the  rapidly growing domestic use of drones. Lisa Glick led the team with help from Brian Svaboda while I filmed; Comrade of the Peaceful Streets Project filmed at a distance to ensure we weren’t harassed by police. Brian created an official looking ‘Executive Voluntary Do Not Kill List’ form which contained talking points and a loyalty oath based on the one the government used on United States citizens of Japanese origins during World War II, as reported by Michelle Chen onmyFDL in “Tule Lake: The Quiet Legacy of No.”

The Do Not Kill List action was just part of a full day in the hot Texas sun, protesting at multiple points along Obama’s route through downtown.

Read the rest on Firedoglake.

 Below you’ll find a collection of photos from the event. All photos are mine, except where noted by Lainie Duro and KXL Blockade.

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