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Peaceful Streets Rally for Anaheim

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Kit O'Connell wearing an Anonymous mask on the back of his head, under a green hat.
Kit O’Connell is Unonymous at the rally (Photo: Meg Seidel / ZGraphix, used with permission).

I filed a report on Firedoglake about the recent Peaceful Streets Project rally for Anaheim Solidarity:

All around the country, in over a half dozen cities, people have come out in support of the people of Anaheim. Though the mainstream media frequently continues to defend the police or report their side of the story, video shot on the scene by every day witnesses and a growing number of Occupy livestreamers and citizen journalists is spreading through social media channels and letting the world see the truth. Rather than calming the situation with open community dialog, the Anaheim Police Department (APD) is escalating through the use of militarized police in army-fatigue uniforms with heavier weaponry.

Read the rest on Firedoglake.

The Zgraphix video also features footage of me wearing a Guy Fawkes ‘Anonymous’ mask along with a brief interview.