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Austin Overpass Light Brigade (on Firedoglake)

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Anonymous holds a lighted 'V' sign
An Anonymous helper at the Austin Overpass Light Brigade.

On Monday, I wrote about the Austin Overpass Light Brigade and its struggles with the police on Firedoglake: 

 The Overpass Light Brigade began in Wisconsin during the “uprising” of 2011, and has since spread to at least 10 other locations. In this simple, nonviolent action, protesters hold lighted signs on the sidewalk of a freeway overpass while night time traffic passes underneath. One of the newest divisions is in Austin, Texas; it formed in early October during Occupy Austin birthday week. Though police drove by the first display, which proclaimed UNFRACK THE WORLD, occupiers successfully held signs for about an hour at an overpass on the south end of the city.

But police shut down a second attempt that week, and another more recent mobilization.  At the second Austin OLB the message began as LOVE > $$$. Police arrived as the group began to rearrange letters to make a repeat of the UNFRACK message.

Read more on Firedoglake.

I’ll have another update soon on the more successful attempt which took place on the eve of Election Day.

Photo by Kit O’Connell, all rights reserved except for Anonymous who can use it freely.


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