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Chatting with Amy Goodman on Firedoglake

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The Silenced Majority by Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

Today I host Amy Goodman, host and producer of Democracy Now! in a Firedoglake Book Salon discussion of The Silenced Majority, a collection of her columns from the last four years which she cowrote with Denis Moynihan:

Like so many of you, Democracy Now! is one of my key sources of news. As I said yesterday, Amy Goodman really should need no introduction to anyone here at Firedoglake. The work of the DN! team are a shining example of journalism in a field that mostly seems to have fallen asleep.

The Silenced Majority is a collection of Goodman and Denis Moynihan’s weekly columns of the last four years, but taken together the columns become more than just a recap of the headlines of the day. The reporting on Democracy Now! never focuses on the spectacles which are dazzling the mainstream media, but instead on the real stories behind the flash. This collection, which gathers the short columns into thematic collections like “Obama’s Wars” and “Wikileaks and the Crackdown on Dissent,” functions as a quick reference to what’s really been going on in politics and on the world stage.

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